Intro to Vedic Cosmology 

Approved for 28 PACE/NAMA Continuing Ayurveda Education Credits
Karyn Marie Chabot, M,Ay, LMT, RYT has been teaching the Veda for over 20 years. Karyn's Bio

Eleven Webinars starting April 8th, 2019 ending July 8th, 2019. 
Almost Every Monday 6pm-9pm. (Please note the dates are as consecutive as possible while honoring holidays.)
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Jyotish is the ancient divination system of India and considered the "Eyes of the Veda". Veda refers the innate wisdom that exists in all living things. Jyoti means light or flame. Ish means god. Jyotish means lord of the light or science of light. Vidya means knowledge where science, magic and art merge. Jyotish Vidya is the study of all aspects of planets and luminaries – the Sun and the Moon, aka the queen and king of the galaxy. Jyotish Vidya (Astrology) is very useful for Ayurvedic Health Practitioners and Yoga Instructors as a resourceful, insightful adjunct to an Ayurvedic consultation. In fact, the best Ayurvedic doctors won't give a consultation without a glance at their client's Jyotish chart. It is applicable for the benefit of humanity from time immemorial and its roots can be traced to the origin of life through mythological, religious revelations and other sacred ancient texts. I believe the future of psychology, spiritual life coaching and all over forms of emotional/mental healing and counseling will use Jyotish as it's foundation because a talented Jyotishi can "peer" into the astral body of his/her client and understand the karmas, dharma, gifts, challenges, medical issues and nature of the personality and physical and emotional body even before meeting the client. As above; so below.

Student Objectives:


1. Transcend your chart by doing remedial measures called “upayas”
2. Learn the value of your ascendant
3. Discover how the planets are like people
4. Understand Ayurveda more deeply through the stars
5. Recognize the meaning of the houses, planets, your ascendant and signs
6. Find your most challenged and most gifted fields of living
7. Develop navigation tools for making more informed daily choices

Recommended Reading  Light on Life by Hart Defouw  

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-Access webinars anytime on our private youtube channel (in case you missed the live class or just want to review)
-Secret Facebook group for Vedic Cosmology students
-Certification of Completion. (Required for future advanced courses.) 

Testimonial: "Dear Karyn, I am enjoying Jyotish class so much!  No only is the material enthralling, deep and mesmerizing but each week I learn a bit more about "me" and this enables me to live authentically deeper in a true holistic lifestyle... which helps my friends, family and 'paying customers" more more more...." --Heidi Webber, Florida

$470: SAMA/Sacred Stone Graduates Receive a Discount


$560: Everyone Else :-)

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Card Cosmology Level 1

$560: 8 webinars starting Oct 21, 2018 until Dec 16, 2018 Almost Every Sunday 6p-9p.  SAMA graduates receive 15% discount. Email me for details.

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